Classical D&D Alignments are not observed. If they factor in spell or other rules the DM descide what alignment a given character has.

Alignment is used only in the form it might affect the game, it comes in different styles but common for them all is that neither of them is enforced by the rules, but only serve as a reminder of past actions to the DM.

A character can have a reputation within a certain area or population. These persons will view the character in another light according to the nature of the reputation.

A characters piety is another form of reputation regarding a single deity. A gods willingness to influence the world in favor of the character depend on this.

A characters karma reflect how good or bad the character is in the eyes of the universe. It will reflect a kind of luck.

A characters fate is a messure of the destiny in store for a given characters. This is often given in regard to a players wishes instead of his characters performance.


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